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Leeds Teaching Hospital Trust

Created by: Chris Whitaker

Leeds teaching hospital trust required a bespoke eLearning solution to roll out an update to their testing system OrderComms (ICE)

The trust has one of the most advanced testing systems in Europe, processing thousands of tests per day.  

The training had been traditionally provided in a face to face environment to use both the testing system and the testing system itself.

The main goal of the eLearning was to bring everyone together to follow a simple, standardised process.   


  • Create an eLearning package on how to use the main testing system OrderComms for example blood tests. 

  • How the system is used varies massively depending on each department. 

  • Subject matter experts had little or no time

  • The system faced major problems and delays due to errors

  • Complex clinical system with no previous experience of using it. 

  • Leeds has a start of the art automated test system which works slightly differently from GP surgery’s and other trusts.


In the analysis phase of the project, I met with all of the key stakeholders in the trust to create the course content and found that they had major issues with how bottles were labeled.

The solution was to be trained personally on the correct way to carry out this task in all areas and to write additional training in the middle of the main eLearning. 

To create motivation, I created an online sharing area to share ideas, feedback and suggestions to “glue” them together. By doing this I was able to quickly write the content and develop the eLearning with high quality video and record clear narration.


The e-Learning created met the needs of the trust and was created to meet all clients needs. I won an award from the Department of Health as the eLearning was shared throughout the North of England. 

Further to this, the bottle labelling extra in the eLearning improved the efficiency of all testing in the trust by over 6%. Whilst this may seem a low figure, the trust completes thousands of tests per day.