What a life so far!

Imagine your homeless, can’t walk, depressed, have no money and all available helpĀ has let you down.

What do you do?

Coming back from this experience taught me so many lessons. It’s OK to ask for help and it’s OK to work with others to help both yourself and those people in return.

I met a series of inspiring people who really made the difference and inspired me to go get the impossible. The main theme of my talks is how to achieve what you want, even when the odds seem impossible.

From Sleeping Rough to Success

Accepting Failure

This talk covers the importance of accepting failure and offers strategies on predicting, accepting and adapting to change. Audience members discuss how you can achieve from any failure and use their experience to enhance both themselves and others. We share our failures and success honestly to learn and grow.

The Secret List

If you have any team members struggling with mental health, motivation or not achieving this is the talk that gives strategies to assist and empower your staff.

Communication is down to the context of the situation, if you are paying someone then there will always be a game at play and often, talented people lose the game.

This talk focuses on the less achieving staff members. Assisting them to achieve more for your business whilst improving morale and staff attention.