Face-To-Face Training

We can provide face to face training at any stage of your project and at short notice.

We can work with you for the full training cycle to create fantastic training or jump in and quickly deliver any type of training required.

Training in both the care sector and in private business has allowed us to create a highly polished method of training delivery that fully engages people’s needs no matter how they learn, communicate and play.

We think the secret to great face to face training is truly listening to learners and accommodating their needs.

There are three components to our training method


Delivery to over 10,000 staff in multiple industries. Truly every type of delivery in every place.


Highly qualified trainers including Psychology and Project Management.


This highly important element is often overlooked by training companies. Whilst basic elements are in training qualifications, Chris upped the game by gaining a masters in Communication Psychology to fully understand effective ways to communicate.