Our E-learning Demonstration is Almost Complete!

After feedback from customers, I developed an e-learning demonstration to showcase what we can do. In all honesty, as someone who speaks for a living I thought getting in front of a camera would be easy!
I either sound like a robot or forget what I want to say!
It’s fun to learn a new skill and I’m enjoying the challenge, expect videos coming soon.

We now have a Subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud

We have the full package, including Adobe Captivate 9. The course design overhaul is now in full force!

Video Update

We have been using Camtasia for a while now. After initial issues, we are building a professional film room! Green screen, lighting and a high quality camera are all on their way.

Course Descriptions and News Updates

After watching every video by Gary Vaynerchuck, our site and courses are going to include short videos. All news updates will be video based.

Experienced Training is Ditching Bullets!

That’s right, no more bullet points in our courses and website. It’s going to take a while to complete but it’s happening. A big thanks to Lee Jackson for his training and inspiration to do this. A great guy to work with!

Experienced Training is Going Lean!

Traditionally we have had a Prince2 approach to management. Further to this, we are now switching to a Lean method to project management for the business. No waste, always improving and your feedback counts more than ever.

IT Training

Chris has developed and delivered two bespoke IT courses. After the first few deliveries it was fully booked for months and extra sessions have been made to meet their needs.

Welcome to the new look Experienced Training Website

After feedback from our clients, we have updated our site. From the ground up it’s being designed to be fast, easy, simple and well designed. Just like our course materials.

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