Medication Awareness

Course Overview

This course gives a full overview of medication in a care environment and it’s administration.

Did you know that hospitals class Paracetamol as a dangerous medication?

Experienced Training currently provides training on medication systems meaning we train pharmacists, doctors and nurses on prescribing and administering medication on an electronic medication system. (E-meds)

We have seen first hand the common problems with administering medication in all forms of care. We provide engaging exercises that are proven to improve accuracy and speed of recording information.

A commonly requested exercise is to use your existing paperwork with errors and highlight your in house issues and their solutions

Key Learning Points

  • How do you administer medication?
  • How to store medication safely
  • Types of medication
  • Common examples of mistakes and their consequences
  • The 7 rights and guidelines of administration of medication
  • The right to refuse
  • Drug errors
  • Medical Administration Sheet’s
  • Process of disposing medications

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