Infection Control

Course Overview

The Infection control training course is aimed at staff working within the care environment.
The course will cover all required aspects of CQC guidelines.
Many clients request this course to be customised to their needs, have no fear, we can assist in training and help identify common hazards in infection control.

We have a fantastic new exercise! 

We use the latest USB Microscope that projects bacteria in real time. Delegates don’t have to imagine or see static images. They can see good and bad examples as it happens. So far this has had a fantastic effect on training and the feedback has been great.

Key Learning Points

  • Definition of infection control
  • How individuals become infected through the chain of infection
  • Different types of germs and infection
  • Health care associated infections
  • The importance of infection control and the management of HCAI
  • How to wash hands effectively and appropriately
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Prevention of infection
  • The importance of policy and legislation regarding infection control
  • Colour Coding
  • Sharps, Spillages and sluice and hazard management.



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