Frequently Asked Questions

Booking and payment

Stage 1, Discuss your needs
Stage 2, Book the course/s required
Stage 3, We deliver the training and invoice the same day
Stage 4, Receive payment
Stage 5, Certificates issued by recorded post.

Are your trainers DBS checked?

Yes, all of our trainers regardless of subject are checked with the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS)

What about privacy?

Our trainers do not discuss, disclose or share any issues or information outside of the training environment. We believe in unconditional positive regard to clients and training sessions are open, honest and private.

Are your trainers qualified in training and their subject?

Yes, we do not have any trainer that is not a qualified trainer to at least PTTLS level and Subject Qualified at Degree Level.

Are your courses in care CQC and Skills for Care compliant?

Yes, our courses from the first to last word are based around the Care Quality commission Skills for Care standards. We do offer further information and experience in our courses however as a base they are designed to be compliant.

Can I give feedback?

Yes, we love feedback of all kinds. We learn from any feedback given and change our training and policies based on this. We keep a database of scores and feedback from every learner, no comment is ignored. It is vital to our business that we provide the very best of training possible.

Do you charge for fuel costs?

Where we can we try to avoid this however after 20 miles from our base in Normanton, Wakefield we charge fuel at 40p per mile.

If you are based a total of 50 miles away (for example Manchester) that will only be £12

Do you have any other services?

We are currently working on a variety of other services.

As a follow up to our advanced courses, we are going to offer several services including:

  • A accredited dementia mapping service
  • An informal inspection service
  • Confidential staff counselling
  • Patient and home security service

What are your values?

Our values are simple; we strive to provide the best training to fundamentally improve the lives of services users and the excellent staff who enable them. We care deeply about this and this is what motivates us to improve each day.
The training we provide, regardless of subject is designed to be simple, effective and engaging. We feel there is nothing worse than a boring, self absorbed trainer who talks about their own experience. It’s about your experiences, your learning and your results.

How do you do most sessions?

Whilst we do use a projector and laptop, we mainly use several exercises for each course. Where we can, we avoid power point pretensions in favour of more modern methods of delivery to cater for all learning styles, skills and abilities.

We are experts with learning difficulties, all course materials are designed to be friendly to all abilities.

Do you do e-Learning?

Yes we do!