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  • Working Methods
  • A Completed Project
  • You Have the Power!
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Working Methods

Working as a contract/day rate e-learning provider often means short deadlines and busy stakeholders.

We have worked with Prince 2 and Lean based teams to provide solutions in an efficient and productive way.

Over the years, many methodologies and workflows come along to help us. With each project, we learn and improve our training framework to constantly improve.

Feedback from colleagues in previous projects say that our training framework helps them provide the required information and feedback in the simplest and more efficient way possible.

A Completed Project

Working as a contracted employee of Leeds Teaching Hospitals. I created an e-learning solution to train all front facing staff in overseas patient regulations.

The overseas patient regulations are both complex and difficult to explain. The e-learning course needed to tackle many complex subjects to a variety of clinical staff who often have very different tasks and perceptions of the overseas patient processes.

Working with several stakeholders, we created a single package that adapted to the role of the user in an interactive way.


Amazing Feedback

To publish e-learning, the course had to pass several checks. After being signed off by the Private and Overseas Patients team, the e-learning received was signed off by clinical staff. It was then signed off at communication team, organisational learning team and finally at senior board level. At each stage, each change was implemented before moving to the next round of review.

Due to the feedback from the senior board, The Department of Health were invited to review the course. They authorised the course and recommended that the course be sold to other healthcare trusts nationally.


You have the power!

Every way in which we learn is catered for. We create courses that blend a mix of audio, video and text to ensure no one switches off or loses focus.

For years training companies talk about often outdated theories on learning styles and communication methods

In the last 10 years, the world of communication and learning has changed a great deal. As a consequence, most people who complete e-learning no longer have the patience to read what seems like endless text with little relevance to their own role.

Authentic Content

Over the last 10 years, when training delegates have told me that the e-learning they have been asked to complete has little to do with their own role.

Every word is in our e-learning is researched and authentic. We take great measures to make sure that everything we say meets the needs of the learner.

We take inspiration from . Despite the often immense knowledge of the speaker, each talk is delivered in a simple and fast way without ‘gimmicks’.

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