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We make and deliver highly professional webinar sessions that maximise engagement and results. All trainers delivering the course are experts in a variety of platforms including Webex and Microsoft Teams.

Our favourite way to deliver sessions is in pairs, one trainer and one expert. The trainer plays the speaker role, the experts take down questions and in regular breaks, answers them ensuring the session runs smoothly and all answers were given.

Onsite or Our Studio

Webinars can be delivered onsite or via our custom studio.

We have professional-grade video and audio recording equipment and extremely fast internet so quality is guaranteed.

All speakers have good intonation so no boring, flat voices. Each phrase is worded well in a variable tone and importantly, questions are asked with interventions.

Due to the variety of platforms and licences that business’s hold for webinars, we mostly use the platform you provide, we can, however, provide a platform for you at cost.


Simulated Systems

A common issue that we face is that systems are often not complete but need to be trained.

We can recreate a basic version of your system in Microsoft PowerPoint including hyperlinks to videos and external content. (if hosted on your network, we can link to internal content)

This is a highly effective method of providing webinars as PowerPoint does not crash and the links work instantly.

This ensures that we can provide a measured, standard approach that can work in an agile way to be flexible with your business.

Chris worked for us to provide a high standard of training. His work has been recognised by the department of health with a view to roll out nationally.

Clare Green , NHS Training Manager - Leeds Teaching Hospital Trust

Chris has provided train the trainer workshops and IT training for myself and my staff. We all benefited from his friendly and effective approach, I’ve used computers for 20 years and learned a great deal.

Alan Senior , Senior Quality Engineer Pheonix Sealing

Our training checklist to meet your needs

  • Full understanding of the subject matter

  • Able to answer questions around the subject

  • Have a more in-depth understanding of the subject matter than what they’re delivering

  • Be able to manage group dynamics, no one is left behind and all are included

  • Training is desinged and delivered for all learning styles

  • Adaptive training that identifies and addresses underlying gaps in knowledge or skills including English and Maths

  • Has a measurable, real world impact on perfomance