Dementia Awareness

Course Overview

This course gives a complete overview of dementia and provides techniques and guidance to improve the care of people with dementia.

Adapting to the new care standards, the course now includes eating well, reducing pain and restraint-free care.

As with all courses, this course meets CQC Skills for Care standards.

Delegates will leave the course with a more informed view of dementia and the best methods to assist service users.

A dementia mapping service is also available. This service is based on The Open University and Bradford University methods.

Key Learning Points

  • The fundamental standards of dementia care
  • The person centred approach to dementia
  • Understand the key importance of communication
  • Unusual Behaviour
  • What dementia is and its different types
  • Memory
  • Dementia Diagnoses
  • Fraud Prevention
  • Hydration and Nutrition including diabetes (full course available)

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