Communication Skills

Course Overview

Do you want engaging training delivered by a trained communicaiton psycologist?

There are a great deal of training courses out there, why not book one from a specialist?

We are a communication business that prides itself on clear and communication.

Effective communication skills are fundamental to providing high quality care for people approaching the end of their lives and to properly support those close to them.

Communication is an active process requiring interaction with others, so there is a limit to how much you can develop your communication skills through e-learning alone. However, these sessions allow you to gain some understanding about the principles of communication within the context of end of life care.

Key Learning Points

  • Communication, relationships and care
  • What is communication?
  • The diversity off communication in care settings
  • Exploring the context of communication and relationships
  • Families
  • What is meant by relationships in the context of care
  • Power and it’s relationship with care
  • Emotive situations and best outcomes
  • Theories and practice

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