Advanced Communication Skills

Course Overview

This is our most advanced course that looks into depth at the core conditions of communication.

Delivered in an easy to understand, well-packaged course. We cover the most advanced elements of communication within an organisation. This course is especially good for teams with issues with conflict, poor behaviour and teams in need of change. This course links very well with our changing values and beliefs course.

Our basic course covers the main elements of communication; this goes further to explore the psychological and sociological principles of communication and how changing communication practices can have fundamental improvements within an organisation.

Rather than having a full theory based course, this course has practical real world exercises which challenge delegates to clearly communicate, even in the most stressful situations.

It looks at how care is primarily shaped by communication and provides a background of understanding on why the CQC and Skills for Care create their guidelines and why a strength based approach is better than a person centred approach.

The course explores areas of Equality, Diversity, Power, History and the most important element, Context.

Key Learning Points

  • The core components of communication
  • Luke’s Three Dimensions of Power
  • The history of care in the UK and how communication shapes change
  • Equality and Diversity
  • Context of communication and its relationship to care
  • Set out clear expectations of effective practice in education and training
  • Enable teachers and trainers to identify areas for their own professional development
  • Provide a national reference point that organisations can use to support the development of their staff.

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