Autism Awareness

Every health or social care service should be ready to provide services to people with autism, or to their families or others who care for them.

This course intended to enable individual workers, or services and teams, to gain the knowledge and skills needed to provide a good service to people who have Autistic Spectrum Disorders.

As autism is not a standard course in the care certificate, it is often overlooked by care organisations who often misdiagnose autism.

This course gives an overview of the autistic spectrum and its complexities.

The course is based on the SPELL framework as per the Autistic Society.

Course Overview

  • Values and attitudes towards Autism
  • The notion of autism as a spectrum
  • Key characteristics – understanding the main differences found in people with autism
  • Basic understanding of the complexity surrounding diagnosis
  • Social interaction skills with people with Autism
  • The different types of Autism
  • Basic diagnosis
  • Evidence based stratagies and best practices for Autism
  • Planning and integration of services